Mindful Educator Retreat

July 6-9 2017

at the still meadow retreat center in damascus, oregon

Deepen your mindfulness practice, learn mindful teaching skills, and connect with a passionate community of educators on this immersive, four-day retreat. A retreat refreshes and revitalizes. It's a great way to reduce your stress, bring more passion to your work, and connect more fully with yourself and your students. Gain tools to transform your relationship with youth. Ground yourself in a practice that fosters self-awareness, compassion and connection. Whether you're new to mindfulness or a longtime practitioner, this retreat will give you valuable new skills. The retreat is particularly designed for teachers, school counselors, parents, clinicians, and those who work with youth. 


This credited course, in retreat form, is an experiential exploration of mindfulness. It provides practical exposure to mindfulness tools as well as an evidence-based framework for understanding its impact. The course fosters a practice that is personally and professionally transformative. It is intended for those seeking to enrich and revitalize their relationship to teaching and/or their connection to young people. Participants will learn the fundamentals of meditation and other grounding practices that reduce stress, anxiety and reactivity. The retreat includes a review of applicable research and literature and practical approaches to becoming a more mindful educator. The course introduces the concept of relational mindfulness for improved communication, participation, and trust in the classroom. Teachers will leave with trauma-informed tools that increase student engagement, improve classroom culture and bring joy to the experience of teaching. 


  • In a supportive retreat setting, learn the practice of mindfulness to foster personal well-being and increase your effectiveness as an educator.
  • Learn the beneficial effects that meditation and other mindfulness tools have on the brain and body.
  • Ground yourself in skills that reduce stress, build emotional resilience, and increase connection to your students and young clients.
  • Explore concepts and practices of relational mindfulness to improve communication, engagement and trust in the classroom.
  • With a thoughtful community of educators, explore shared challenges and the personal/professional conditioning that can block inspiration and fulfillment.
  • Understand and explore a mindfulness-based pedagogical paradigm based on self-awareness, conscious communication and compassion.
  • Learn trauma-informed, evidence-based tools that improve teaching outcomes, particularly in work with vulnerable, marginalized and underserved youth. 
  • Identify strategies and practices for self-care that cultivate presence, calmness, equanimity and joy.


Continuing education Credit

(Pending Approval) Offered in conjunction with Portland State University's Continuing Education in the Graduate School of Education (CEED), this course qualifies for 24 Clock Hours/CEUs and/or two PSU graduate/undergraduate credits. Certificate of completion provided.

This course teaches foundational mindfulness skills for adults to strengthen their own understanding of mindfulness and deepen their work with youth in a variety of settings. However, this course does not certify participants as Peace in Schools instructors or allow participants to teach proprietary material from the Peace in Schools curriculum. Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming teacher certification program.


REGISTER BY May 1: $675. AFTER maY 1: $695


Registration options include overnight accommodation with full meals, or daytime attendance with lunch. 


your teachers:


Caverly Morgan

Caverly Morgan is the founding director of Peace in Schools. She leads the Peace in Schools teaching team, develops our mindfulness curricula, and works directly with teens. Caverly has been practicing mindfulness since 1995, including eight years in a monastic setting. Caverly brings insight, passion and humor to her transformative work with students of all ages.


Maggie Steele

Maggie Steele, MSW, is a certified life coach and mindfulness instructor. Maggie holds a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work for children, youth and families. Maggie has served as the mental health coordinator for Inward Bound Mindfulness Education adolescent retreats since 2014, and currently teaches Mindful Studies through Peace in Schools. Maggie is also a training facilitator and practicum supervisor at the Youth Coaching Institute.