"This Program Could Benefit the Entire World"

"This Program Could Benefit the Entire World"

Keiona is a student in our Mindful Studies class at Cleveland High School, and we were incredibly fortunate to have her as a featured speaker at our annual gala.

Here is some of what she shared:

I used to get extremely anxious and flustered and tear up about school problems I couldn't figure out. My physical body suffered as well due to this anxiety. Insomnia and eating problems began to be more and more common for me. All of this together made it hard for me to even want to get out of bed in the morning.

Through mindfulness, I’ve received the gift of recognizing my own strengths.

Before I had this program, I felt utterly lost. Inside, I felt I had no control over my mind. I searched for problems to worry about, and often found myself hiding or covering up to fit in. Without self-love and other tools I learned in this class, I was starting to go down a detrimental path in my life.

Through mindfulness, I've received the gift of recognizing my own strengths. This powerful recognition has helped me battle against anxiety, fears, and depression. Mindfulness has helped me alleviate feelings of hopelessness and given me a newfound confidence, like a breath of fresh air, patiently waiting for me to take it. I have the choice. 

Through the option of choice, I can now choose compassion for myself. This has opened doors for me I hadn't even imagined. It has given me the strength to love myself wholly, and the strength to empathize with others on a deeper level. Just like a hug from the heart and a smile from the soul, compassion is a lovely tool that I have full access to. 

This program has truly changed my life. I'm so grateful to have this experience accessible to me at school. The class environment feels as if it's a paradise or sanctuary for me and many others.

I'm now excited to wake up and face the day. I genuinely wish everyone had this experience and class accessible to them. I feel like this program could potentially benefit and change the entire world.

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