Mindfulness 8-Week Course: Transformative Tools for Franklin
Parents, Teachers and Staff

With Jennifer Cai & Barnaby Willett
Wednesdays, April 3 – May 22, 2019, 6:00pM - 8:30PM

AT Franklin High School
5405 SE Woodward St, Portland, OR

Cost: Free (For the Franklin community)

about this Course

Peace in Schools is delighted to offer this free mindfulness course for the Franklin High School community! This course is perfect for those who are brand new to mindfulness, as well as more experienced practitioners, and is open to all teachers, staff and parents in the Franklin High School community.

In this course, you’ll begin your mindfulness practice or take it to the next level, connect with an accepting community, and learn powerful, trauma-informed mindfulness tools to bring into your work, your life, and your interactions with youth. The experiential structure of this in-depth, eight-week course allows you to deeply integrate the tools you learn in class into your daily life and work. You’ll learn the neuroscience behind mindfulness, explore the individual and collective conditioning that can get in our way, and unpack the ways that stress manifests in us and our students.


  • Learn essential mindfulness practices that increase one's connection to self and others.

  • Apply practical mindfulness exercises in your life, your work, and your interactions with youth.

  • Acquire a basic understanding of the structure and processes of the brain in relation to fear, anxiety and other strong emotions.

  • Learn why trauma-informed practices when connecting with youth are critical.

  • Understand the beneficial effects that mindfulness practices have on mental and physical health.

  • Incorporate mindfulness insights and practices to develop equitable outcomes for youth in all their diversity.

  • Experience the impact of a mindfulness practice on one’s work life: build authentic, inspired connection in your life, your interactions with youth, and your relationships with family and community.

  • Embody mindfulness by cultivating calmness, equanimity, and the ability to access joy in the midst of challenges.

  • Connect with a supportive community of open and accepting individuals.

Please note, space is limited to 30 participants. So that we can build a strong sense of community in the class, we ask that you plan to commit to the full 8-week series.

Your Teachers


Jennifer Cai

Jen co-facilitates mindfulness trainings and teen nights for Peace in Schools, and is passionate about supporting both youth and adults in starting or deepening their mindfulness practice. She was fortunate to learn and practice qi gong and meditation as a child and teen, and has been committed to a deeper practice since approximately 2012. She has a Master’s in Public Health, is a Certified Health Education Specialist, and has a background in coordinating health programs and teaching.


Barnaby Willett

Barnaby works with our innovative team to develop strategy, partnerships, and research. He believes that scaling depth in mindfulness education is essential for creating trauma-informed, equitable schools. His passion is collaborating with health science leaders to expand the vision for well-being in schools. Barnaby teaches in our schools and on our adult trainings. He is British-American, began mindfulness practice in 1994, and is a teacher on iBme teen mindfulness retreats. He holds a BA in English from Pomona College.

what graduates of our courses are saying:

Erika is a middle school counselor who has taken all three of our mindfulness-based professional development trainings. In this moving interview, she speaks about the importance of having her own mindfulness practice, how it supports her in the challenges she faces, and how it helps her show up more fully for the students she works with.
This course completely opened my mind and heart. We can learn so much when we take the time to observe how we communicate with ourselves and others. I can’t think of any educator I know who I wouldn’t recommend this course to. It may seem like a challenging commitment but it is so worth taking the extra effort to nourish your livelihood and daily wellness.
— Caitlin, 1st and 2nd Grade Teacher
I wanted to take the course so my students would be more mindful and calm, but by the end I realized that I was the one who needed to be more mindful and calm!
— Maria Paz Herrera, Youth Engagement Specialist, Latino Network