School Partners

News: Peace in Schools groundbreaking partnership with Portland Public Schools is forecasted to expand to three more high schools in the 2018-19 school year: Grant High, Alliance at Benson High, and Metropolitan Learning Center High.

 Mindful Studies classroom at Wilson High School

Wilson High School — Portland, ORegon

In September 2014 we launched Mindful Studies, the first for-credit mindfulness course in a U.S public high school. Our partnership with Wilson High School supports the emotional, physical, and mental health of its teens. The semester-long curriculum guides students in practices that help them manage strong emotions, calm their minds, and find acceptance.

Peace in Schools’ Mindful Studies class needs to be in every high school.
— Principal Brian Chatard, Wilson High School


Roosevelt High School — Portland, ORegon

Roosevelt High School is the most ethnically diverse high school in the state of Oregon. Roosevelt is considered a Federal Title I Priority school and in 2014 received a three year CEP grant that qualified all students for Free and Reduced Lunch. Roosevelt is located in the community of St Johns which sits in North Portland on the tip of a peninsula where the Willamette and Columbia Rivers come together. Because of its location within the city, St Johns is often referred to as a small town within a larger city. Peace in Schools' Mindful Studies elective class began at Roosevelt in 2017.

franklin grads.jpg


Franklin High School, is an urban high school with approximately 1,500 students. Peace in Schools' Mindful Studies class at Franklin began in 2016. Franklin takes pride in its multi-lingual population with over 40 languages spoken in the building. In addition, Franklin serves the highest number of free and reduced students in the district at about 58% of the population. The school also has the highest Special Education and English as Second Language population in the Portland Public Schools District.

 Cleveland High School

Cleveland HIGH SCHOOL — Portland, OREGON

Cleveland High School has offered Mindful Studies as a for-credit course since 2015. This urban high school is in the heart of southeast Portland. Its student body reflects the composition of the city in general, drawing approximately 1500 students. Cleveland is a learning community whose members feel comfortable, challenged and involved — with behavior that exhibits respect for human dignity and individual differences. Over a four-year period, up to half of Cleveland’s student body will learn practical mindfulness tools through Peace in Schools.

This class taught me so much I don’t know how to write it down. It taught me that I’m okay, no matter what. And that I deserve love, and how to love myself. And how to breath through problems, and a million other things.
— Student, Cleveland High School



Madison High School is a historically underperforming school that is committed to increasing achievement. Mindful Studies class at Madison began in 2016 and serves the schools' mission to ensure that all students regardless of race and class reach their goals. Madison's diverse student population of 1200 students are from over 25 schools, various countries, and some have no history of formal education. Almost half are designated academic priority students which indicates that they have academic or attendance concerns. Madison is extremely proud of its students and staff and has a great deal of strength in its diverse community.

 Students at Lincoln High School

Lincoln HIGH SCHOOL — Portland, OREGON

We launched Mindful Studies class at Lincoln High School in the fall of 2015. Lincoln is a well-respected, high achieving school. With most of its student body bound for college, many teens there set high academic standards for themselves. We help Lincoln’s students learn skills that enable them to face their challenges with self-awareness, calmness, equanimity and compassion. 

Thank you so much for bringing mindfulness into my life. I think what you do may be the answer to a lot of the problems in this world. It’s truly transformative.
— Student, Lincoln High School

 Students at Alliance High School


Alliance High School is Portland Public Schools' only in-district alternative high school. All new students spend their first six weeks in the Discovery Program — a social-emotional "boot camp". The Mindful Studies program at Alliance is a core component of the Discovery Program. Mindful Studies as an elective class is also offered at Alliance at Meek. Alliance serves students who have not been successful in other settings and are at-risk of dropping out of high school. Students attend an average of four other high schools before they enroll at Alliance. Mindful Studies at Alliance offers students essential skills for emotional and mental self-care.


We've partnered with Job Corps to offer our 6-week curriculum to students at PIVOT. The Job Corps program is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor and is designed to help young people ages 16 top 24 improve the quality of their lives through career technical and academic training. PIVOT provides a valuable resource to students who failed to thrive in a public school setting and who are seeking job training skills in a challenging job market.

 'Keep Calm: A Teen Mindfulness Night' is offered twice a month in Portland.

Teen Mindfulness Night — Portland, Oregon

Our teen nights are offered twice a month and give teens the opportunity to practice mindfulness with peers in non-academic settings. Our goals are three-fold: to help students establish mindfulness as a self-directed “real life” practice; expose teens to our program who may not attend the schools we currently serve; and eliminate financial barriers for teens who could not afford to pay for meditation classes. See Events for more details.

 Teens on an iBme mindfulness retreat feel a strong sense of community.

TeeN mindfulness retreats

Each summer we partner with iBme on a Pacific Northwest summer retreat for teens. Mindfulness retreats offer teens a transformative opportunity to cultivate awareness, compassion, and kindness for themselves, others, and the natural world. 

Recovery High School

Peace in Schools is helping to envision the creation of Oregon's first Recovery High School. We will help the founders to create a mindful, compassionate school that also offers a safe, sober, and supportive eduction. We plan to offer mindfulness courses for teens, as well as training for Recovery High School teachers.