When asked about the impact our mindfulness classes have had on their lives, our teens said:

“Mindful Studies class changed my life for the better. It’s helped me accept and honor myself. I learned that it’s okay to be me. The self-assurance and self-acceptance part of the class has been very inspiring.”
“Mindfulness has really helped me to cope with anger. By bringing the practice to various conflicts in my life, I make more peaceful and more effective resolutions than I did before.”
“This class helped me know that ‘I am enough.’ It will help me stay true to myself.”
“This semester my great grandma died, a friend committed suicide, my parents got divorced, and my mom got breast cancer. This class gave me skills to be able to move through this.”
“I have had a really hard time communicating with my mom. Because of this class I’ve been able to tell her some of the things I’ve learned about myself. Now, we understand each other much better.”
“This class has helped me to be happier and more accepting towards myself and others. I’ve found more optimism in my life. I’ve learned how to deal with stress and how to accept my emotional state. Before taking this class, I would suppress my feelings, but now I know that it’s okay to feel even negative feelings. I’m learning skills here that will last me a lifetime.”
“I’ve learned a lot about myself and my personal needs. I’ve learned that life isn’t always black and white. You’ve actually got options, which was very helpful for me to discover. I really wish that mindfulness could be a more widespread knowledge.”
“What I’ve learned: realizing the importance of self-awareness. Realizing that happiness comes from within. Realizing how important it is to stay in the present.”
“The most inspiring thing about this class for me, has been that I’ve really been able to build a strong relationship with myself, and enjoy my own company.”
“This class has helped me through some very hard times in my life, and the relationship I’ve built with myself is irreplaceable, and I’m really thankful for the opportunity to have discovered myself like this.”
“It has helped me find peace in myself and everything around me. It has helped me accept what has happened in the past.”
“I try not to be annoyed as much and stop trying to control everything, and breathing really helps. And realizing nothing bad is going to happen if nothing goes exactly how I want it.”
“The most useful thing to me is probably reevaluating situations from a mindful and compassionate state.”

I feel like this is a safe space for me. I love everything we do here. It helps with a lot of anxiety. I have built a lot of friendships here and have learned to trust. This class has had a huge impact on my personality and happiness. It gave me new insight on the world and how aware I can be of everything.
I’ve really been able to build a strong relationship with myself, and enjoy my own company. The tools that I’ve learned have helped me get through some really hard, and stressful times in my life, and that is really encouraging.
I think this class would help a lot of teens help cope with stress and anxieties. I personally have a hard time staying focused and dealing with stress and I feel like this class has and will continue to teach me ways to cope positively.
Patience. I try not to be annoyed as much and stop trying to control everything, and breathing
really helps. And realizing nothing bad is going to happen if nothing goes exactly how I want it.
I feel better as a person. Just more awake and more aware of who I am and what I want. I can just think more about what I’m feeling and respond to it.
I would love to stay in this course for as long as I can. I’ve never said that school literally improved my life until taking this class. I can feel that my stress levels have decreased. I’ve also become less judgmental of other people in general, which I feel has made me a better person.
I am surprised by how much this class has affected my life, and the way I go about things. I have learned a lot more about living in the moment and focusing on my surroundings. It’s helped with my anxiety a ton. I almost feel 100% refreshed when leaving this class.
It is unlike any other class here and honestly it’s the one I think I’ve learned the most. Especially about myself which is so important.
The breathing exercises are something I use at least once everyday and they help me calm down if I feel like maybe I’m going to have a panic attack.
This class has taught me to be in the moment. It helps a lot with getting your mind off of stressful things.
I feel that it has helped me deal with stress in my life and overall just enjoy my life more. I learned to stop in moments and enjoy what is around me; to make the most of each moment.
I know lots of stressed out people and this class will fix that right up. I used to be a very strung up, tense person, but after this class, I’ve lightened up and learned to enjoy life for what it is.
This class is my favorite and I have nothing to change. It’s been very helpful to me knowing how my breath can change my mood. Having a safe place and a break in my day is really necessary and I always feel better afterwards. It’s something that I think everyone needs to experience.


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