Peace in Schools mindfulness programs help young people develop compassion, calm, emotional resilience, and self-awareness.

At a time when school violence is widespread and many teens struggle with feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety, we offer a positive alternative.

Our programs use mindfulness to alleviate personal and social strife in real-world settings. The self-supportive practices we teach are tools for life. We believe mindfulness leads to safer schools and a more peaceful world.


Jared: "Mindful Studies taught me that I'm worthy of love"

Jared is a student in our Mindful Studies class. Video graciously produced by Portland's own Bullseye Media.

Peace in Schools’ Mindful Studies class needs to be in every high school.
— Principal Brian Chatard, Wilson High School
This semester my great grandma died, a friend committed suicide, my parents got divorced, and my mom got breast cancer. This class gave me skills to be able to move through this.
— 16-year old student, Mindful Studies class

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