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January 23, 2019: Peace in schools fosters awareness, kindness - interview on KBOO Community Radio


In this interview on The Recovery Zone on KBOO Community Radio, host Stephanie Potter talks with Peace in Schools’ Founder and Guiding Teacher Caverly Morgan and Program Director and Lead Teacher Janice Martellucci about their program and how and why it has been so well-received.

Powerful video about mindfulness in schools

High school students reflect on how our for-credit mindfulness class has changed their lives. Their heartfelt stories are incredibly moving.

The heart of education

Video graciously produced by Portland's own Bullseye Media.

Into light

This beautiful, short, independent movie from Wavecrest Films focuses on the impact mindfulness has on on teens with depression, and features four graduates of our high school mindfulness program.

Teen Voices

Natoryia: “Out of Mindful Studies, I Got My Life Back."

Engin: Practicing empathy

Frankie: What if all teens had safe homes and schools?

Kim: “Mindful Studies has taught me things I’ve never learned in my life.”

Damonte: Learning to open up

Elle: “This class saved my life.”

Olivia: Learning self-compassion

Christopher: “Because of this class, my smile feels less like a mask.”

Akira: “This world needs love.”

Jared: “Mindfulness taught me that I’m worthy of love.”

Mikaela: “It’s more than just a class.”

India: "I'm happier in my own skin."

Adult Voices

A school counselor on why mindfulness matters.

Principal Carl Reinhold: “Everyone deserves this opportunity.”

A high school teacher on why educators need their own mindfulness practice

Alex: “Our schools should be a place of possibility.”

A mother shares how mindfulness changed her son’s life