Inspiring New Film Features Peace in Schools Graduates

We are so honored to be featured in "Into Light," a new release from Wavecrest Films, and the third film in their Mindful Shorts series. This beautiful, short independent film focuses on the impact mindfulness has on teens with depression, and features four graduates of our high school mindfulness programs.

Meet Maddi, Kavi, Jared, and Malik:

These remarkable teenagers are graduates of our school mindfulness programs. Not long ago, all four of them suffered from debilitating depression. Into Light illuminates the stories of these inspiring young people, and how learning mindfulness gave them an opportunity to dive deep into their inner lives and tackle their psychological roadblocks.

We are so proud of you, Maddi, Kavi, Jared, and Malik! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Wavecrest Films for creating this beautiful and inspiring piece.

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Our courses, workshops and retreats for teens help young people develop self-awareness, emotional resilience, compassion, connection. At a time when teens struggle with feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety, mindfulness education offers a positive alternative. The self-supportive practices we teach are tools for life.

Mindful Studies class changed my life for the better. It’s helped me accept and honor myself. I learned that it’s okay to be me. The self-assurance and self-acceptance part of the class has been very inspiring.
— 15-Year Old High School Student

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Our trainings for educators offer skills that cultivate emotional resilience, reduce stress, deepen compassion and cultivate a fuller understanding of self. Through experiential learning and personal exploration, our participants learn practices that are emotionally supportive, professionally enriching and personally transformative.

This training served as a reminder that we must first show up compassionately for ourselves so that we can be the person who shows up completely for our class. Every teacher will benefit from taking this training.
— Elizabeth Manley, 4th Grade Teacher

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